Metropolis Residencies 2019 is looking for 15 artists

In 2019, the second edition of Metropolis Residencies is organising three residency programmes in Copenhagen, Denmark, each for one month and for professional international and Danish artists working or aiming to work site-specific.Our three residency programmes seek to develop site-specific, interdisciplinary performing arts based work through experiments with new artistic formats, aesthetics and languages in relation to the city’s physical, human, social, symbolic, historic and cultural layers.Metropolis Residencies is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

NARRATING THE CITY (June 2019) How can we re-write and re-narrate the city by catching its fluid, hidden and unknown narratives? The residency is for writers, dramaturgs, performers, directors and documentarists interested in the development of other stories. In cities, where segregation constantly increases, the search for other voices to become part of the collective narrative is paramount.

SENSING THE CITY (July 2019) Exploring and mapping the city with a sensuous approach. How can we as individuals investigate, translate and relate the city as a porous, sensorial, layered and emotional phenomenon? We are interested to invite artists who question how we map, deconstruct and reconstruct the city, with the personal experience at the core, and where the fictional and the functional/real overlap.

CHOREOGRAPHING THE CITY (Aug.-Sept. 2019) Moving in and with the city, relating the human body to the city’s flow and the choreography of the everyday. The residency is for choreographers, dancers and a broad spectre of movement practitioners within contemporary circus, parkour, etc., working on how the human body relates to the city and how this relationship can be challenged and re-choreographed.Each residency invites 5 individual artists from the performing arts, four international and one Danish. They will be working site-specific in Copenhagen for a month.


Application deadline 16 December 2018.