The call for proposals for OPEN /// CONTEMPORARY [URBAN] CREATION 2019 is addressed to artists (individuals, companies or collectives) operating in the context of national and international contemporary creation. It aims at producing projects which create a dialogue with the urban space and its inhabitants, with the objective of encouraging productive and distributive opportunities through a collaboration between a series of Italian cultural organisations.

The aim of the call is to explore urban space and the public sphere through projects and artistic interventions that are able to reinvent/imagine/investigate public space, temporarily transforming the places and the relational trajectories that run through them. Public space is conceived as a form of time and a research area, a horizon where the spectator can reconnect with the urban, historical, architectural and relational fabric of a specific place.

The call, launched by Pergine Spettacolo Aperto/Pergine Festival with the collaborative support of Zona K (Milan), In\Visible Cities (Gorizia) and/or Digital Contaminations(Cormons), and Indisciplinarte/Ternifestival (Terni), promotes a collaboration which supports contemporary creation in the field of performing arts, architecture and new technologies for public space both in financial as well as in creative terms.

Download full call here.

Tha call supports:

– the presentation of projects that have been already produced, which should be re-designed for the urban space and the context of Pergine. Theatre, music and dance shows/performance created for traditional theatrical space will not accepted. The selected projects will be presented during Pergine Festival 2019, and at least one of the projects might also be hosted by Zona K and/or In\Visible Cities (Gorizia) and /or Digital Contaminations (Cormons)– one new production, which consists of an original creation of a project for the public space; to this project we’ll offer a joint economic support and a joint programme of artistic residences, plus a creative and promotional support thanks to the synergy between all the partners, within the respective national and international networks. The selected project will debut at Pergine Festival 2019, with the opportunity to present it also in Zona K (Milan), In\Visible Cities (Gorizia) and / or Digital Contaminations (Cormons) and Indisciplinarte/Ternifestival (Terni). (See regulations)

Given the nature of the call and the necessary adaptation of the project to local contexts, we ask for flexibility in the re-contextualization, design and development of the projects selected.


1. The call is open to national and international artists working in the field of performing arts, architecture and new technologies for urban space;

2. The call aims to support:

• participative projects or formats involving the local population or specific social groups;• performative and/or audio-visual projects conceived for urban spaces;• architectural / artistic installations for urban spaces;• projects that explore the interaction between performance ​​and new technologies.

3. For the presentation section in Pergine, the call includes:

• a financial support of € 2.000 (gross,including tax and social security contributions and artistic fee, specific technical needs and travel);• max.4 nights in shared accommodation.

For additional exhibition opportunities in presenting the project at Zona K (Milan) and/or In\Visible Cities (Gorizia) and/or Digital Contaminations (Cormons), each partner will offer:

• additional financial support of € 1.300 (gross, including taxes and artistic fee, specific technical needs and travel);• max.3 nights in shared accommodation.

4. For the new production section the call includes:

• a total financial support of € 8.250 (gross, including taxes and social security contributions, artistic fee and production costs, specific technical needs and travel);• a creative consultancy and support to the development of the project and its promotion;• additional support* for  the different periods of artistic residency (according to the modalities of each residence) in Milan, Gorizia or Cormons, Terni and Pergine Valsugana between February and October 2019, to be agreed with the partners, after the final selection and according to the needs of the project;• the debut of the project at Pergine Festival in July 2019, and the possible presentation within the programming of Zona K (Milan), In\Visible Cities (Gorizia) and/or Digital Contaminations (Cormons) and Indisciplinarte/Ternifestival/CAOS – Centro Arti Opificio Siri between September and December 2019;• accommodation for a maximum of 3 or 4 nights in each city for the presentation of the project.

* Given the open nature of new productions, the partners are available to define with the candidate possible additional supports for the periods of residence, facilitating the finding of resources to support technical and logistical needs. Any other expenses will be covered by the artists.

5. In case of complex technical or architectural projects, or requests for use of private spaces, or possible collaborations with local groups/associations, the project must guarantee compliance with all current regulations (in particular regarding technical and safety aspects) in relation to each local context.

6. The delineation of logistical and technical details of the exhibition and new production sections will take place in coordination with the artistic direction, the technical and production managers of Pergine Festival, Zona K, In\Visible Cities and/or Digital Contaminations and Indisciplinarte, through a series of meetings/conversations in the period preceding the public presentation of the project.

7. Depending on their specific characteristics (type, duration, location, accessibility) the projects may be repeated several times on the same day and/or on different days, in agreement with the various organisations.

8. Pergine Festival, and its partners, provide both logistical (permit requests, local contacts) and a basic technical support; and, after verification and clear agreements, we’ll offer technical personnel for installations.

9. The new production must always indicate the following: A production by Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, in co-production with Zona K, In \ Visible Cities/Digital Contaminations, Indisciplinarte.

The Festival reserves the right to discuss further, together with the candidate, any aspects of the project not fully explained in the project application.

Given the collaboration between different institutions, in case of request for information and/or clarification, please do not call by telephone; instead, send an email with all requests to by the 23rd November 2018. After this date no reply will be given.


10 december 2018

Any proposal received after the indicated date will not be considered valid.


The selected projects will be announced by January 2019 on the Pergine Festival website.


The projects will be selected and evaluated by a commission consisting of:

Alessandro Cattunar (Invisible Cities);Carla Esperanza Tommasini (Pergine Festival)Chiara Organtini (Indisciplinarte/Terni Festival);Michela Giovannelli (Dello Scompiglio);Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello (Zona K).

The decision of the jury is irrevocable and unquestionable. Considering the high number of applications, only the selected candidates will be individually contacted.