Acupuncture #6: “The last drive and the first dance | The shifting identity of Genk”

In 2019, Francesca Grilli was invited to do an “Artistic Acupuncture” in Genk (Belgium). She found creative potential in the city’s background by connecting different times, eras and generations. In close collaboration with Provinciaal domein Dommelhof.

Acupuncture #6: Francesca Grilli (Italy) in Genk (Belgium)

It’s truly impossible for every single place in the world to remain equal to itself for a long period of time. Cultures, people and places do naturally transform their essence, nature and identity due to the unstoppable evolution and development of technology, science, ideas and philosophies generated by humankind.

Today’s cities are intercultural hubs and their communities are interwoven in an increasing environment of diversity. The so-called phenomenon of globalisation has accelerated and given higher visibility to all these processes of interdependence, mobility, interconnection and mix that characterise contemporary society. This context of diversity has become the perfect scenario for many thinkers and creative people to analyse and portray the contemporary world.


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