Bouge Bouche and Nelle Hens ‘ont-moeten’

Pieter Vercammen

“After taking baby steps in entrepreneurship and balancing framework and content. I’ m happy to announce the coming performance ‘Ont-moeten’ with Bouge Bouche and guest artist Benjamin Glorieux!” – Nelle Hens

Bouge Bouche is a social artistic project with immigrants, illiterate and 4th world people. Supported by CCDeSter Willebroek, Open School and artistic accompanists Bruno Verheyden and myself. Together we focus on how to create a safe environment for free movement, voice and no expectations’. For the evening full performance ‘Ont-moeten‘, we have build a framework to host an audience and invite you in.

Vrijdag 8 juni 2018
19.00 u
€ 8 / € 6 / € 4 / – 19j € 4
Gemeentelijke Schouwburg, August Van Landeghemstraat 101, 2830 Willebroek

Ont-moeten is a Dutch word game in which lays a fundamental shift. Ontmoeten means ‘to meet’. When you split the word in two, it becomes ‘not having to’.Nelle Hens started a personal research on ‘ont-moeten’ in 2015 and received a research grant from the Flemish Government in September 2016. A first phase of her work took place in BOUGEB 2017, DeSingel and Het Bos, Antwerp. Currently she is supported by C-TAKT and CCDeSter for the further development. 

Foto: Pieter Vercammen