SoAP/Johannes Bellinkx is looking for a sound designer!

For different projects we are looking for a competent sounddesigner/producer. Johannes Bellinkx transdisciplinary projects creates work that balances between performance, cinema, visual art, and sound art. Always in relation and interacting with the space around us. Reverse is a project that we have been creating in 13 cities throughout Europe.

For Reverse we are looking for a sound designer that has affinity to work with binaural field recordings and is able to integrate this in a broader audio composition. The composition always relates to the architectural and spatial surroundings, stimulates the senses and will be the dramaturgical motor of the performance. The composition is always tailormade for every new site. The composition has always been made by Dennis van Tilburg and we will reserve time together with him to get you acquainted with his way of working. You will be part of a small team that works closely together in an international context. Because we are a small team we all do multiple tasks. You will be part of the artistic team of Reverse and probably be part of other future projects.


you will be responsible for:

– creating sound design/composition for Reverse on site in different cities in Europe

– a composition that relates to the architecture and spatial surroundings of the route

– a composition that consists of binaural recorded field recordings and self composedor existing music

– installing and uploading our bluetooth triggered application based on a custom Unity application


we are looking for someone:

– That has a broad experience in creating music and sound design for theatre, film or artinstallations

– that has affinity and/or experience with working on site and with binaural field recordings

– someone with a makers mentality

– who is able to work on site abroad for about 14 consecutive days at the time. A few times a year

– who can create a layered sound composition of around 1,5 hour in a short period of time (6days)

– that is able to work in an improvised mobile studio on site and has his own instruments and gear that is needed

– Has affinity or experience in coding and or working with interactive digital audio applications

Are you interested?
– Please send an email with a short motivation and your cv and some examples of your work before November 3rd.
– Based on the applications, we make a selection for an assessment and follow-up interview in the third week of November.
– Availability from March/April to be able to schedule festivals for the summer in consultation together.

For more information about see > and if you want more information about this freelance job you can contact Dennis van Tilburg at or Johannes Bellinkx at