hEAR DROPS – Blooming Ditty

A pentatonic melody is created when you play only the black keys of a piano. It doesn’t even matter which key you start on. Such melodies are found in cultures around the world, even when people just sing without a piano nearby. Everyone understands how it works, and will be able to add their own variations or fragments. Until it becomes a new tune, or even a whole composition.

Artlink: A lot of music uses a pentatonic scale, including many children’s songs, folk music and electronic music. A well-known song is ‘Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen’, here in a version by Louis Armstrong.  

The colors of this video are inspired by ‘South Wind, Clear Sky’, a painting by Katsushika Hokusai.

hEAR DROPS promotes collaboration between children and teachers based on shared criteria. The principle is simple: watch an episode together, discuss what you’ve seen and heard, watch again, interpret the rules of the game, discuss context and materials, perform together, evaluate together.

A concept by Musica Impulse Centre  

This episode is the result of a collaboration between Musica and Stavanger University in the context of the Erasmus+ SenseSquared Project