hEAR DROPS – Dong Deng Dung Dang Ding

Gamelan is the indigenous music of Indonesia. It is based on a sequence of 5 tones within an octave: dong, deng, dung, dang, ding. These don’t correspond with the western tonal system and depend on their region of origin. Typical is the rhythmic layering of a lower slow part, a moderate moving rhythm on top of this, and a higher part with more elaborate rhythms. Gamelan is often combined with dance, voice, flute, drums, etc.

Artlink: The colours of this animation are based on one of the portraits of Jeanne Hébuterne by Amadeo Modigliani. Can you figure out which one it is?

hEAR DROPS promotes collaboration between children and teachers based on shared criteria. The principle is simple: watch an episode together, discuss what you’ve seen and heard, watch again, interpret the rules of the game, discuss context and materials, perform together, evaluate together.