hEAR DROPS – Who’s afraid of sound?

Sound massage is an intimate sound experience offered from one person to another. Explore the rich sound textures of carefully selected materials. Become aware of the extreme sensitivity of our hearing system. Suitable for one duo or a group of duos.

Choose sounds carefully: some may be annoying or even too loud, and thus not suitable for an exercise close to the ears like this. Take your time to explore, and above all enjoy.

hEAR DROPS promotes cooperation between children and adults based on shared criteria. The principle is simple: watch an episode together, discuss what you’ve seen and heard, watch again, interpret the rules of the game, discuss context and materials, perform together, evaluate together.

Artlink: Barnett Newman
Who’s afraid of sound? refers to Newman’s painting Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue? The colouration of Who’s afraid of sound? was inspired by Newman’s famous deep blue, first applied in Cathedra (1951). This work consists of 6 layers of paint. Using a different blue for each layer resulted in a kind of three-dimensional illusion. Although Barnett Newman’s paintings were monumental, in order to experience them most intensely he advised spectators to look as close as possible. In a way, a sound massage features a similar approach: zooming in on the mere texture of sound in the absence of rhythm or any other intended reference to musical structure.