In residence: Nazanin Fakoor

Hexeneinmaleins is an immersive work centered on the female data gap, tackling issues of invisibility and exclusion. It addresses the systematic under-representation of women in data and research, resulting in serious consequences for health, wellbeing, and opportunities. Biases in data collection, historical and cultural factors, and patriarchal attitudes contribute to this knowledge gap. Over half the population remains underrepresented in statistical strategies and overlooked in data collection, impacting various aspects of life, from public transport to healthcare. The project aims to defy erasure collectively, exploring the delicate balance between reality and fiction. Through an immersive installation involving performers and the audience, it delves into shared human fears, juxtaposing them with contemplations about the unfamiliar. Hexeneinmaleins seamlessly blends sensory language, intellectual discourse, and scientific facts into a cohesive exploration of the female data gap.

Nazanin will give a presentation on Thursday, February 29 at 4 p.m. Would you like to be there? You can register for free via the button below.