In residence: Elke Van Der Kelen

A Play of Space I is an installation that connects architecture, movement/theater and robotics. As humans, we often have an unconscious relationship with the spaces we enter and use. And yet space has a significant impact on the way we move, the way we feel and the way we act. Through the installation I want to question, manipulate and show this relationship. Space itself is something we cannot grasp. It’s what’s in between. Only by using what is around it can we try to capture it, manipulate it, make it visible.

Imagine ten walls moving very slowly through space. Together they move through different configurations. A choreography that opens, closes, divides, conceals, embraces the space. The walls relate to each other and the emptiness that surrounds them. The audience is invited to have no choice to participate in this silent space dance. The audience will have to relate again and again to the new space that slowly unfolds. Sometimes wide and then narrow, sometimes many small spaces or one large space, sometimes chaotic and then very geometric. The walls will move independently through the space. Using an autonomous control system, the walls will follow a previously designed pattern. By (discreetly) using robotics it will feel as if the space is manipulating itself. The installation seeks slowness and simplicity; the public is invited to meditate in, with and about the space.

Elke organizes a showing on Saturday, June 22 and on Thursday, June 27, each time between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.