In residence: Kasper Vandenberghe/MOVEDBYMATTER

The audience enters a large abandoned industrial space. It’s barren; no sight or speck of the performance which promises to unfold in this overwhelming high-ceiling space. They busy themselves with taking a seat, finishing up conversations that started outside, awkwardly smiling to the fellow next seat, scrolling the last feeds on the phone – a sense of eeriness mixed with a sliver of anxiousness fills in as everyone waits for the show to get started. And suddenly, at the very far end of the space, you see a drone – 15 feet high in the air. Was it there from the time we entered? Did it just arrive? Has it been filming us all this while?

This is how the circus performance odyssey DAR begins, unpacking the primal emotion of fear in its subtleties to take its audience on a journey to experience and witness the varied multitudes of fear ranging from unease-discomfort-anxiousness-panic to paralysing terror.

MOVEDBYMATTER started the research phase of this project in the beginning of 2022, taking themes of masculinity and war with reflection to the emotion of fear as its initial points of departure. The word ‘dar’ came from this research phase which means a ‘male-bee’ in Dutch. The Dutch word ‘dar’ when translated into English is drone

Dit is hoe de circusvoorstelling DAR begint, waarbij de primaire emotie van angst in al zijn subtiliteiten wordt uitgepakt om het publiek mee te nemen op een reis om de uiteenlopende menigten van angst te ervaren en er getuige van te zijn, variërend van onbehagen-ongemak-angst-paniek tot verlammende terreur.

MOVEDBYMATTER startte begin 2022 de onderzoeksfase van dit project, waarbij thema’s mannelijkheid en oorlog met reflectie op de emotie angst als eerste uitgangspunten werden genomen. Uit deze onderzoeksfase kwam het woord ‘dar’, wat in het Nederlands ‘mannelijke bij’ betekent. Het Nederlandse woord ‘dar’, vertaald in het Engels, is drone.