Platform for Transdisciplinary Talents

C-TAKT is a platform for transdisciplinary arts and a reference house for transdisciplinary talent. This relatively young workshop grew from the need for a place where ‘hybrid practices’ and transdisciplinary artists can develop in peace. C-TAKT received operating resources from the arts decree from 2017 onwards. The focus then was on new makers and artists who made transdisciplinary work. The project was a joint effort between the C-mine workshop in Genk and TAKT Dommelhof in Pelt. From the C-mine workshop the emphasis was mainly on new makers and from TAKT Dommelhof mainly on transdisciplinary work. Dommelhof was used as a residential workplace and C-mine was previously the stage for our presentations.

Today, C-TAKT’s focus is explicitly on the transdisciplinary arts. Today, more and more artists are pushing the boundaries of art disciplines and pushing them or even going beyond them. This creates new ways of expressing oneself that cannot simply be categorized within a certain discipline. By supporting these artists, C-TAKT wants to provide opportunities for the development and realization of transdisciplinary projects.

More and more artists are making work in which it is important to go through various intermediate stages or work around a theme in a cycle that runs over several years. The end product is often preceded by a long process of preliminary research. Artists need this to give shape to their ideas and to delve into their ‘hybrid’ practice. C-TAKT also chooses to support artists and productions in their research and development phase.

C-TAKT has its home base in Provincial Domain Dommelhof, once founded as the first Flemish cultural center and evolved over the past 50 years into an organization with a distinct artistic profile of innovation, individuality and quality. C-TAKT acts as a research and creation platform within a broader network of partners.