C-TAKT visual identity

Use C-TAKT logo

The C-TAKT logo exists in different forms. Which form of the logo you use depends on the design and the medium you want to use. For online use, choose the logo in the typical green color (R48 G255 B149). If you want to use the logo on printed matter, you can also choose the logo in the green color (Pantone 902c). Please note, this is only possible if you have your material printed. For a regular print, it is best to choose the logo in white or black. Take the guidelines at hand when you design a flyer, poster, presentation or other promotional material. Then you immediately know how to use the logo, fonts, colors and style elements.

Download c-takt logo high resolution
Download c-takt logo guidelines

Use partner logos

If you would also like to use the partners’ logos in your correspondence, you can download them below. Here too, use the guidelines for the use of the logo and the layout of brochures, booklets, posters and other promotional material.

Download files high resolution

Use logo C-TAKT+

If you also want to use the C-TAKT+ logo in your correspondence, you can download it below.

Download c-takt+ logo