C-TAKT originated from the joint efforts of the C-mine workshop in Genk and TAKT Dommelhof in Pelt. C-TAKT’s focus is explicitly on transdisciplinary arts. In addition to this clear focus, our artistic vision is also shaped by the fact that C-TAKT organizes itself artistically and commercially in a platform.

Because the network around C-TAKT is developing close artistic collaboration, in which the expertise and resources of various partners are deployed in C-TAKT’s mission, we like to talk about a platform. C-TAKT is therefore both the initiative and the coordination of a platform with the same name. The platform is composed of various partners. There are structural partners with whom C-TAKT will develop and produce projects and projects for artists. And program partners with whom C-TAKT will complete a five-year program in which specific expertise, knowledge sharing and deepening are central.

Structural partners

Caravan Production

Caravan Production, founded in 2008, is an artistic guidance agency that collaborates with a series of international artists who have a connection with Brussels. The artistic focus is on movement, explored in its various forms and through unique formats that cross genres, are curious and offer a critical and original view of reality.


Hiros is an organization that supports the development of artistic processes. In realizing her mission, Hiros focuses on the practice of the artists she collaborates with. Based on years of expertise, Hiros creates a sustainable framework for all aspects of creation and research. The collaboration is determined by the specificity of each maker and each artistic proposal. Based on the belief in the importance of a diverse arts landscape, Hiros collaborates with both new and more established makers with hybrid practices in the performing arts.

In Situ

IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public spaces. Since 2003, the platform has supported more than 270 artists who work outside the conventional theater walls and thus contribute to the transformation of our public space and society. IN SITU is an ecosystem that connects art, the public, programmers and policymakers. IN SITU believes in public space as a place where the arts show new perspectives, as a meeting place between the most diverse and broadest audiences, as a gathering place with social impact and as a stage. The platform uses a wide range of tools: customized support, transnational mobility, artistic labs, artistic research, international residencies and MOOC (massive online open course) about creation in public space. C-TAKT has been a member of the network since 2006 and found a lot of inspiration from its partners and artists.


KWP focuses on development with professionally supported residencies and production support for initial research and new creations. We are developing multi-year tailor-made trajectory support for about 15 artists/​collectives: from the first artistic conversation and the introductory residency, through (non-result-oriented) research and the realization of the first productions, to organizing the progression to larger houses and setting up their own structures.

KWP is committed to supporting artists who push the boundaries of their discipline. We aim for a ‘stretch’ within the performing arts, combining theatre, dance, performance and hybrid, multidisciplinary forms. This ensures innovative cross-pollination.

Musica Impulscentrum

Why? We want to open new paths in music and sound art that are or will become transformative in art and society. We want to forge bonds between people, between people and nature, between people and technology.

Musica starts from the belief that everyone is musical. Every person naturally has the ability to interact meaningfully with each other and with the environment through sound and music. An active, artistic music experience is for everyone.

We create accessible environments around music and sound, for enthusiasts and professionals from the very young to the very old, where they can (re)discover their own musicality and listen with new ears.

Platform 0090

Platform 0090 is a sustainable international platform, a workshop and hub for research, creation, residency, production and presentation of transdisciplinary art with attention to spaces and hybridity. Platform 0090 is anchored in a sustainable (inter)national network of artists and partners and converts the developing synergies into artistic processes. Platform 0090 guides a group of artists in their contemporary and innovative artistic trajectory and plays an active mediation and service role in multidisciplinary art processes.

SoAP Maastricht

SoAP Maastricht is the platform for the work of artists from different disciplines and backgrounds with an eye for those and things that are often ignored in the public space. In an analogous manner, a different perspective is always sought from different disciplines and backgrounds from which the spectator/participant creates their own image. The SoAP maker is distinguished by the spaciousness of the work, the natural exchange of experience and practice(s), by a desire for unity and a pursuit of independence. The space that SoAP is now will be expanded in the coming years with ‘connecting’ initiatives, institutes, festivals, younger and older artists, other disciplines, other perspectives, so that the space can grow in breadth and thus deepen.

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond 

Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond is the expert in the Netherlands for current innovative Flemish art. The organization in the heart of Amsterdam started in 1981 and is financed by the Flemish government. Central to our mission – formalized in 1999 – is to promote the cultural identity of Flanders, to present characteristic developments in the field of art and culture from Flanders and to promote Flemish-Dutch cooperation.


wpZimmer is an international arts workshop where development is central and where artistic practice is the starting point of our operations. We support artistic development through residencies, development and production processes and public moments. We offer time and space for in-depth and unconditioned research for both artists and craftsmen. wpZimmer is an anti-disciplinary house. We look at the work and research of artists with an open mind. It is the artistic question that guides us and not the form. We question our own frameworks and operate in areas that do not always match current disciplines. As an arts organization in the current social and ecological context, we embrace a learning position, we formulate this as the learnscape or landscape of learning. The learnscape is a process and a vision of collaboration. The collaborations we enter into with artists, partners, but also with each other as a team are rooted in reciprocity, transparency and informality.

Trajectory partners

The platform wants to connect with projects and operations of BERLIN and Vincent Company over the next five years. These two organizations will become C-TAKT project partners. In contrast to the structural partners who also financially support the platform, the input of the process partners is their specific knowledge and their networks. Both organizations enter into a commitment with C-TAKT to guide artists in the development of a sustainable artistic practice.


You-Turn is a label within the operations of BERLIN. In 2023, BERLIN will celebrate its 20th anniversary. An excellent opportunity to revisit the rich database of film recordings that BERLIN has collected over the years. This enormous source of (basic) material forms the toolbox for You-Turn. With You-Turn, students, artists, researchers,… gain access to a large part of the archive. The You-Turn project will run for 5 years and will be a collaboration with various partners worldwide: institutes, houses, training courses. Together with them, BERLIN delves into the database and material is transferred. The partners reach out to their network(s) and, in consultation with BERLIN, determine who is eligible to create new and original work with the visual material (short film, video installation, online experiment, etc.). C-TAKT wants to support the label and contribute to the development of this innovative process and new creations.

Vincent Company

In concrete terms, this knowledge sharing concerns the expertise surrounding the spread of transdisciplinary work within the general consultation platform of C-TAKT and via coaching. They coach young C-TAKT artists, which can lead to presentations at GOOD COMPANY#2 (corso, Antwerp) or GOOD COMPANY#3 (Schäxpir/ARS Electronica). GOOD COMPANY is the crossroads of their operation. The focus is on the research of the core artists and young artists who are coached. The aim is to facilitate the dialogue that precedes a project application. And that is necessary: focusing the research and finding a common language are the key to giving wings to work that does not fit into boxes. We make a practice visible and initiate dialogue. GOOD COMPANY is built around five presentation moments with an extensive substantive discussion afterwards. The audience consists of artists, students of art and culture mediation, potential co-producers and programmers. For Vincent Company, GOOD COMPANY has played a fundamental role in the flourishing of artists in recent years.


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