About Kunstenwerkplaats

Kunstenwerkplaats vzw (KWP) is an experimental space and development platform for artistic research, within the framework of two community centers Pianofabriek and Elzenhof, in a network of 22 Brussels GCs.

KWP focuses on development with professionally supported residencies and production support for initial research and new creations. We are developing multi-year tailor-made trajectory support for about 15 artists/​collectives: from the first artistic conversation and the introductory residency, through (non-result-oriented) research and the realization of the first productions, to organizing the progression to larger houses and setting up their own structures.

KWP is committed to supporting artists who push the boundaries of their discipline. We aim for a ‘stretch’ within the performing arts, combining theatre, dance, performance and hybrid, multidisciplinary forms. This ensures innovative cross-pollination.

KWP opts for a broad influx of promising artists/collectives. Both graduates from art schools and talent from the informal circuits find their way to KWP. We focus on artists who do not yet have a clear discipline, status, place in the field or structure. They are artists with atypical practices, separate preliminary processes and/or different profiles, but always with a strong signature.

KWP creates a microcosm where international and local meet and new aesthetics and ideas intersect. We connect Brussels and Flemish artists with the international scene, as well as international artists with local artistic dynamics.