About Monty


The arts are an exercise in life.Monty bounces to the rhythm of the arts: carrying and supporting, or directing and encouraging.Monty is a platform for artistic encounter, togetherness, exchange and dialogue;meeting between different worlds and perspectives in a diverse and sharp stage program,a gathering between artists and the public,an exchange between makers and with other players in the field,a dialogue between art and the world.


Monty has been around for a long time, 36 years… We experienced nine legislatures and eight culture ministers. We saw a whole host of artists, art organizations, trends and movements pass by and we know that Monty played a role in that. Sometimes modest, sometimes decisive.

What started as a boys’ club in a run-down neighborhood cinema has grown into a well-equipped theater, a benchmark for national and international young performing arts productions and presentations.

In the four chronological periods that we can roughly distinguish, 4 evolutions also run parallel; (1) The development and formation of an organization, (2) the development of the artistic profile, (3) the finances and the relationship with the authorities and (4) the developments and transformations of the building.