SoAP Maastricht


About SoAP Maastricht

SoAP Maastricht is the platform for the work of artists from different disciplines and backgrounds with an eye for those and things that are often ignored in the public space. In an analogous manner, a different perspective is always sought from different disciplines and backgrounds from which the spectator/participant creates their own image. The SoAP maker is distinguished by the spaciousness of the work, the natural exchange of experience and practice(s), by a desire for unity and a pursuit of independence. The space that SoAP is now will be expanded in the coming years with ‘connecting’ initiatives, institutes, festivals, younger and older artists, other disciplines, other perspectives, so that the space can grow in breadth and deepen.

Don’t fit the field, create the field. SoAP wants to encourage its makers to develop innovative artistic projects and not be afraid of encountering more conventional ways of producing, presenting and distributing. By providing a solid, yet flexible foundation, she wants to enable every SoAP maker to take those steps. The expertise that the SoAP team has in-house must ensure a safe and at the same time a challenging environment in which every maker can grow at his own pace and in which failure is possible. An important objective in the work(s) within SoAP is to make an artist’s practice independent at all times; that includes different tempi, different ways of looking at organizing work, always aimed at that ultimate independence. As a platform, it wants to use forces and resources to move away from the possibly more common project-oriented logic if necessary.

The following artists are currently part of SoAP: Johannes Bellinkx, Rita Hoofwijk, MOHA, Salomé Mooij, Paulien Oltheten, Nick Steur, TAAT and Benjamin Vandewalle.