Vincent Company


About Vincent Company

Vincent Company is an alternative distribution agency that promotes the positioning and advancement of artists.

Vincent Company guides and represents artists in the Belgian field and/or various international contexts. It is a non-profit organization that has received structural operating subsidies from the Flemish Government since January 2023.

Since its inception, Vincent Company has strived to redefine distribution: away from a market-oriented approach towards a more holistic one, in which the artist becomes stronger and the artistic field is enriched.

Vincent Company builds bridges for its artists: from the origin of an artistic idea to the dernière. An artistic trajectory at Vincent Company lasts on average 8 to 10 years, with 4 or 5 productions supervised per artist.


In concrete terms, this knowledge sharing concerns the expertise surrounding the spread of transdisciplinary work within the general consultation platform of C-TAKT and via coaching. They coach young C-TAKT artists, which can lead to presentations at GOOD COMPANY#2 (corso, Antwerp) or GOOD COMPANY#3 (Schäxpir/ARS Electronica). GOOD COMPANY is the crossroads of their operation. The focus is on the research of the core artists and young artists who are coached. The aim is to facilitate the dialogue that precedes a project application. And that is necessary: focusing the research and finding a common language are the key to giving wings to work that does not fit into boxes. We make a practice visible and initiate dialogue. GOOD COMPANY is built around five presentation moments with an extensive substantive discussion afterwards. The audience consists of artists, students of art and culture mediation, potential co-producers and programmers. For Vincent Company, GOOD COMPANY has played a fundamental role in the flourishing of artists in recent years.