C-TAKT+ is a spreading programme in a network of six cultural centres. The network should give transdisciplinary work greater visibility above local level. C-TAKT works out a presentation programme with each partner in which socio-demographic factors or specific themes determine the form and content of the programme. The coaching and co-curatorship from C-TAKT form the basis of an intensive collaboration to look locally for connections with other sectors. The resources and interests of the local partner and our portfolio ensure a tailor-made programme for each individual partner. C-TAKT+ is a crowbar to a more diverse cultural offering, a search for new audiences and aims to create (above) local support for the arts. Together with the local partner, C-TAKT+ searches for hybrid and experimental presentation formulas that fit C-TAKT’s productions.

The six new partners are:

  1. CCHA, cultuurcentrum Hasselt Kunstlaan 5, 3500 Hasselt
  2. CC Muze, Marktplein 3, 3550 Heusden-Zolder.
  3. CC Palethe, Jeugdlaan, 3900 Pelt.
  4. C-mine, C-mine 10, 3600 Genk.
  5. CC De Bogaard, Capucienessenstraat 8, 3800 Sint-Truiden.
  6. CC De Werft, Werft 32, 2440 Geel.