In residence: NOON collective

“And now the beginning is somewhere else” is a new work from our multidisciplinary collective, NOON.

After three in-situ performative installations and one year of research around the immersive aspect of our work, we are working on this new piece which is functioning as an ecosystem.

The scenography and its materiality take a central role. Developed as a variation around the logics of foam, the installation highlights how our different scales are intermingled and explores how the relational space can become porous, and sometimes viscous, allowing the interconnectedness to be seen and played with.

Through space but also through sound, storytelling and choreographic work, we try to create a world of interconnections – knots and threads, and question the natural and artificial binary.

Our desire is to create an installation which feeds different kinds of encounters and emphasizes the porosity of our beings with playfulness and softness.