In residence: Third Guy & Stijn Demeulenaere

The Third Guy duo and Stijn Demeulenaere present a project where field recordings and musical instruments interact with the natural sonic environment of a place. Through real time interaction the performers create layers of sounds, all interacting with each other, creating a multilayered trialogue, bound between time linearity, and the space. With “Everybody Lives Here” we want to create a performance that explores the sound of spaces. Working with the sound of a place, adding our own sounds to it, and using them to highlight the auditory identity of the spaces we will be playing in. Through an interaction between the three performers and the audience, we want to create a sound environment that researches the sonic being of places, their acoustics, their soundscape and the listening of the audience and ourselves. During this week at Musica / C-Takt we will be preparing a special outdoor version of “Everybody Lives Here”, premiering later this year.