Call: looking for performers!

Moni Wespi is looking for performers for her performance Slowed Landscapes during Theater op de Markt. Slowed Landscapes will be a moving installation with audience participation. The performance aims to explore the power of slowness and camouflage through performative, in situ and participatory installations. Just like an exhibition, you are invited to visit, stay or leave at any time, wander around, sit and enjoy or participate and live the experience for yourself. Become part of this very slowly evolving picture.

Blending the human body back into its environment: public urban space, nature or interior situations. The idea is to place the human in a less dominant position, increase awareness and propose action by slowing down and listening to the body and environment. Questioning the hierarchy that has existed for centuries and the speed of daily life that we impose on ourselves. How do you become a stone? Just being there.. How to become moss, cover surfaces, breathe. Breathe like a tree? Dried grass, dormant nature? Take a break. Stop and listen, as an animal would. The courage to stand still.

More information and images of Slowed Landscapes can be found here.


Location: Hasselt
Performance dates: August 9 & 10, 2024, continuous 75-90 min. Twice a day
Rehearsal dates: August 8, 2024
Pay: Rehearsal day + 2 performance days + travel + accommodation + meals. Additional details to follow.


  • diverse bodies, all ages, origins, genders
  • performers or people with a good feeling for their body
  • interested in slowness and working in public space
  • want to wear an oversized full bodysuit with a stone print that Moni makes herself

This INSITU project focuses on ecological touring, which is why we work with local artists for every adaptation through Europe. We care about diversity and inclusivity and want audiences (all ages) to have this experience with us. Welcome.


Are you interested? Send an email to Moni or wia Whatsapp on the number: 0032 04 83 40 48 92