OORtreders 2016 – Festival for transdisciplinary art with sound

OORtreders is African for trespassers. OORtreders wander in forbidden territory or no man’s land, far off the beaten track. This is the domain of transdisciplinary art: art between disciplines and genres, between theatre and public space, between passive and active experience, between ear, eye, brain and body. OORtreders brings together transdisciplinary artists from home and abroad with one common focus: sound. How can sound serve as a medium to step outside the boundaries of a discipline?

OORtreders is a biennial festival for adventurous music and sound art that focuses on transdisciplinary creation, young artists and musical interaction in the public space. This second edition is dedicated to musical signals: Say Something! The festival will take place on Saturday 20 October 2018 in the wooded Provincial Domain Dommelhof in Neerpelt. From 19 to 21 October, visitors can also enjoy OORtreders expo, a free trail of sound installations.

MaanMuziek – Cadence Drumline Kaulille – Shoosh – Bruno Geurts – Nonno – TuëjeN – Matuvu – Inertiak – KlanK/Technoïd – Luke Jerram – Karl Van Welden – Roel Heremans – Stijn Demeulenaere – Valery Vermeulen & Se_Ren_Dip Trio – Rutger Zuydervelt – Eric van Osselae – Lars Kynde & Nikolaj Kynde – Soundlings – Zwerm E-Guitarquartet – Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree – Cathy Van Eck

Photos: Marc Faes, Marc Ras, Cees Van de Ven & Sam Vanoverschelde