Winternights 2023

Winternights is an adventure for both makers and visitors. At surprising locations in Maastricht, you are introduced to new, ‘unfinished’ work, or work-in-progress, by promising theatre makers, performers, choreographers, composers and visual artists. Makers will have space to test and test new work and interact with audiences, professionals and each other.

You can visit Winternights on Friday 8 and/or Saturday 9 December. We always start at 1pm at our festival centre in the Lutheran Church (Hondstraat 14). When you visit Winternights, you can follow a route that connects different theatrical bites. In addition to the theatrical bites, we will also provide a meal at the heart of our festival, where you can chat through with makers and visitors in an informal atmosphere. To cover the delicious meal prepared by Hemelse Soep, we ask for a contribution of 12.50 euros. Tickets can be purchased here. You can choose whether you come Friday 8 December and/or Saturday 9 December.


The following makers are on the programme:

Barbara T’Jonck, Esra Çopur & Philipp Cahrpit, Evelien Cammaert, Gerben Vaillant, Jelle Huizinga, Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkmann, Karen Hendrickx, KIN Collective, MOHA, Moni Wespi, Naomi Steijger & Lieselot Mariën


Friday 8 December
10:00-11:30: morning session
13:00: opening
13:00-21:30: programme

Saturday 9 December
10:00-11:30: morning session
13:00-21:30: programme

Winternights is an initiative of SoAP Maastricht, VIA ZUID (Talentontwikkeling podiumkunsten Limburg) and C-TAKT (Platform Transdisciplinair Talent).