Beyond the Black Box Amsterdam

De Brakke Grond, in collaboration with C-TAKT, SoAP Maastricht and Platform 0090, presents the fourth edition of Beyond the Black Box.

Beyond the Black Box invites makers and audiences to experiment with form, space and time. Be surprised by work that moves between dance, performance, storytelling, video installation, light art and scenography. Forget conventions and immerse yourself in new experiences in unexpected places and moments.

Including a physical performance exhibition by Charlotte Goesaert, a representation of the theater as a living ecosystem by María Jerez and Edurne Rubio, an installation around mycelium sculptures by Sara Manente, a cinematic integration story by Dina Mohamed and a manifesto by Rita Hoofwijk; to listen to on the train.


Wednesday 1 to Saturday 4 February in the Brakke Grond

You can find the full program here.

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