C-TAKT & In Situ on Theater op de Markt

Theater op de Markt will take over Hasselt city center again from August 7 to 11 and fill your summer for the 20th time with a surprising circus and amazing open-air theater. The program also includes various makers and artists that C-TAKT and/or In Situ supports. Here is an overview of the things you should definitely not miss. You can consult the full program here, which is also quite worthwhile.

Ellen Schroven & Joachim Badenhorst – Berg

Ellen Schroven and Joachim Badenhorst take you on an expedition through nine Belgian and Dutch villages and hamlets that bear the name Berg.

While making, writing, walking, speaking, silently, drawing and playing, ‘Berg’ creates a multi-colored image in our imagination that does justice to the fragility, intensity and layered nature of the world around us.

‘Berg’ started with one word and expanded into a collective trajectory, which is shared with an audience in various chapters. In the wake of a sailing trip that started in 1939, the expedition gradually also became a study of the duration between different points in time.

Liesbet Hermans/Posthuman – A Deluded State of Mind

Join us on an intriguing walk through the city. Through headphones you listen to the inner world of the person you are following. You hear him/her think about himself, about his or her place in the world, about the world and about humanity.

Liesbet Hermans explores the relationship between our body and our mind with ‘A deluded state of mind’. According to her, we have similar thought patterns, but how much impact do those patterns have on our lives? And what happens when we give these shared thoughts the attention they demand from us?

Blast Theory – Cat Royale

Peek inside a utopia where cats live in harmony with artificial intelligence.

For 12 days, Ghostbuster, Pumpkin and Clover spent time in a special room. Every surface was covered in carpet so they could climb and explore freely. They had food, drinks and air conditioning. They had high ledges to look from, cubbyholes to sleep in and a floor to ceiling scratching post.

In the center of the room stood a robotic arm controlled by an AI, connected to a computer vision system. Every few minutes, the AI ​​instructed the robot to offer the cats a game. Over time, the robot learned which games each cat liked best.

Would you let a robot take care of your pet?

Johannes Bellinkx & Daan Brinkmann – The Parcel Project

“All this time I was just one click away from you, until I suddenly stood at your door. To get to you I rolled, slid, bumped and jumped from junction to junction.”

”During my travels I encountered X-ray scanners, sniffing dog noses or rough treatment if I was unlucky. Sometimes I had bruises. And when I finally arrive and all the hard work is done, I end up in the waste bin.”

Johannes Bellinkx and Daan Brinkmann sent a postal package around the world, equipped with cameras and microphones. With ‘The Parcel Project’ it seems as if you are in a postal parcel yourself. You will be immersed in an impressive video installation that introduces you to the logistical maze that covers our planet like a candy wrapper.

Kaleider/Seth Honnor – Arch

‘Arch’ is an attempt to build a free-standing arch, made of two-thirds concrete and one-third ice.

What we can do is tell what is going to happen: you see how two people build an arch from ice and concrete, while an enchanting choir holds your attention. What’s less easy is telling you how it will make you feel – we can only promise that it will impress you.

Misleading in its simplicity, ‘Arch’ unfolds as an unexpectedly moving journey. A beautiful combination of bated breath and powerful singing intertwine with the constant inevitability of collapse.

‘Arch’ touches the audience with themes such as death, renewal and hope. At the same time, the work points to the special but flawed systems that humans create: languages, economies, architectures and democracies… and the inevitable impact of these systems on our environment and on ourselves.

Moni Wespi – Slowed Landscapes

How do you become like a stone? How do you become like moss, covering a surface, and breathing? Breathe like a tree? Like dried grass, like sleeping nature? Simply: by being there.

In ‘Slowed Landscapes’ Moni Wespi blends her body with her environment. By placing people on an equal footing with the world around them, she challenges the perspective that we are so used to – in which people are always central – to the extreme.

Stripped of the everyday speed of life, Wespi makes us think about our relationship as humans to the city, to nature… to the whole world around us.

Sauf Le Dimanche – Troc!

Give a gesture and receive an improvised choreography of 1 minute and 30 seconds, just for you!

Come take a look, give us a gesture, and be surprised by a dance for which you are the greatest inspiration. Feel a magical moment of connection with the dancers of Sauf le dimanche, while the life of the city continues as usual around us.