LUMINAL LAB investigates the effect of light and color on your body. In an interactive environment you are individually immersed in different light atmospheres. How does this affect your sensory perceptions and how does your body register these changes? Do you experience music in the same way in different light atmospheres or not at all, and what triggers the difference? We use neurological measurements to look for correlations between light, color and perception.

Caroline Mathieu is active as a designer for theater creations with L.I.G.H.T Matters. Her role takes different forms: lighting designer, scenographer, performer and researcher. After a Product Development course and a master’s degree in Theater Sciences, design, design and theater come together in the Scenography course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She recently started a research project on the influence of light on perception as part of a PhD in the arts via Brussels Arts Platform (VUB/RITCS).

Caroline is organizing an open participation in LUMINAL LAB on May 4 and 5. Would you like to participate in this? Book here your timeslot.