Caroline Mathieu


L U M I N A L  LAB explores new ways of working with light in a performative space. It focuses on how colored light influences the viewer’s perception and experience. Is it scientifically clear how light affects the (sub)conscious mind of the viewer and is it possible to go beyond the subjective ‘feeling’ of color?

In the context of a PhD in the arts, a two-fold approach is pursued: on the one hand, the research attempts to scientifically clarify how colored light influences the perception process and what this effect entails within a performative setting. On the other hand, the artistic approach aims at the creation of an immersive installation that functions both as a laboratory and as an experience space for the intentional spectators. This installation is called L U M I N A L  LAB.

The name is a play on words between lumen and liminality and is exactly that; a play of light that reflects on the very specific nature of light itself. Liminality, because it operates at a crossroads between the conscious and the unconscious, between science and art, but above all, because it draws the viewer’s attention to the change of colors and their intensity.