Beyond the Black Box Amsterdam: videoportret Kim Snauwaert and Jolien Naeyaert

For Beyond the Black Box – February 1 to 4, 2024 – we will work with the Missionaries to create three video portraits of makers who we support in their development. This time: Kim Snauwaert and Jolien Naeyaert. They can be seen at the festival with Do You Want A Happy Ending?, which can be visited as a performance and as an installation.

In a kind of textile ziggurat, you receive a relaxing massage while listening to an analysis by the makers about the meaning of ‘public space’. Or just step inside the installation – what do you hear?

“We have doubts about how we live together at the moment.
How do we relate to each other?
Because our body often tells us: something is not right here.
And we actually want to listen to that feeling.”