Studio Dommelhof: Nazanin Fakoor

Nazanin Fakoor came to C-TAKT in residence in February 2024 to put the finishing touches to her project ‘Hexeneinmaleins’.

‘Hexeneinmaleins’ is a compelling work that focuses on the data gap among women, tackling issues of invisibility and exclusion. It focuses on the systematic underrepresentation of women in data and research, which has serious consequences for health, well-being and opportunity. Through an immersive installation involving artists and audiences, it delves into shared human fears and juxtaposes them with contemplations on the unknown. ‘Hexeneinmaleins’ seamlessly combines sensory language, intellectual discourse, and scientific facts into a cohesive exploration of the feminine data divide.

‘Hexeneinmaleins’ premieres at Beyond the Black Box Antwerp on Friday, May 3 2024.