Nazanin Fakoor


Hexeneinmaleins is a video performance about witches and the female data gap.

Invisibility, non-appearance and extermination are central figures around which the piece is built. Seeing men as the human standard is fundamental to the structure of human society. And so we listen to a conversation about female crash test dummies and unnoticed heart attacks, interwoven with fragments from emblematic witch scenes in classic literature such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Goethe’s Faust.

For her research into the contrast between the image of witches and how witch hunts actually took place, Nazanin Fakoor developed a video about fear in an earlier research phase. She asked people questions like “What is a witch?” and “What are you afraid of?” and created an associative dream sequence from the answers she received. This material is now being further developed into a video performance.