hEAR DROPS – Dronotonous

A drone is as much as a long-held tone. You find them even in everyday life. Some drones are rich enough to listen to them in a bit more detail. Just give them a little attention. Play with their timbre, volume, duration or direction. Combine them in layers on top of each other or let them interact with each other.

Artlink: It is, according to Carole Pegg, the first major Western composition to be based entirely on the production of vocal harmonics. It is precisely those overtones that make the sound of drones so interesting.

hEAR DROPS promotes collaboration between children and teachers based on shared criteria. The principle is simple: watch an episode together, discuss what you’ve seen and heard, watch again, interpret the rules of the game, discuss context and materials, perform together, evaluate together.

A concept by Musica Impulse Centre