Interview: Exchange across borders with Wouter Krokaert

For our October 10×10 program on International Exchange we invited international artists and professionals to share their work in a new context and to exchange with us and each other. With COVID-19 cases rising, physically exchanging across borders no longer seems feasible. As an Internationally oriented production house we continue to search for alternative ways. We asked each artist who was supposed to perform during the 10×10 October program to share thoughts on international exchange in these trying times. Today we speak with Wouter Krokaert.

We invited wpZimmer and Workspacebrussels to each bring two distinctive artists to our 10×10 October program. Wouter Krokaert was curated by Workspacebrussels and supposed to present his Composities in het Wilde Weg. For Krokaert everything started from his need to draw. During his studies as a graphic designer Krokaert discovered contemporary dance: ‘For me being on stage as a performer is also a way of drawing, physically in space.’ (…)

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