“Taking time, that’s the art”

Ilke Cop (28) interviews Brussels performance artist Kevin Trappeniers (32)

For our Talk to Me series, fashion designer Ilke Cop plans to give nine talks that are situated on the dividing line between art and commerce. How do artists deal with balancing idea and reality? First date: Brussels-based performance artist Kevin Trappeniers.

My inspiring conversations with Kevin usually take place in a Brussels pub, in the company of friends. Today, the setting lends a certain tension and seriousness to our meeting. When I met Kevin almost seven years ago, he was a young actor/dancer with a heart-warming sense of humour. Today I meet him as an artist of integrity with an unchanged curiosity and a great affinity for Brussels, where inspiring people and encounters, he says, alternate with grey porches and shadowy pubs. (…)

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Ilke Cop