Antwerp theater works with young people who effectively lost their youth in ‘Lost Boys’

The classic story of Peter Pan inspires HetGevolg. In Lost Boys actors like Joke Emmers, Evelien Bosmans, Thomas Janssens and Matthias Meersman work together with young people who lost part of their youth.

Tinkerbell flies by, Wendy is on standby and there are evil pirates. Yet, Lost Boys is not about Peter Pan. The latest production from the Turnhout company HetGevolg brings a refreshing interpretation of the classic story. Without Captain Hook, but with lots of barbs.

“Our performance tells about J.M. Barrie, the spiritual father of Peter Pan,” explains Joke Emmers. “Barrie was a special figure. The Scottish author met five children in the Kensington Gardens park. He told them fantastic stories full of pirates, mermaids and flying children. They then reenacted those adventures together.” (…)

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Stefan Laenen