A light is burning in this Belgian lake

Two Flemish artists create an optical illusion in the water around Castle ter Braak.

Somewhere in Belgium, surrounded by a castle and water, lies the post-modernist artwork of Karel Brussens and Jeroen Verrecht, together better known as 88888 – two Flemish artists with a healthy fascination for place-based art.

By day, the new project, called Untitled, is a rectangular hole in the middle of the lake – a subtle interruption to the flowing water. But at night, the LED lights turn on, and a mysterious aura of light appears, seemingly rising above the water.

The artwork came about with the help of architect Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and can be seen in the pond of the medieval Kasteel ter Horst castle, where you can see the alien light box with your own eyes from 11 October.

Ana Banu

The article appeared in Vice