Actress speaks to 60 marginalised people in self-built phone box

ANTWERP – Through a self-built phone booth, actress and theatre-maker Kyoko Scholiers (35) spoke over the past year to sixty people who are somehow cut off from society. In the summer, she compiles the conversations in the theatrical installation Misconnected.

Prisoners, refugees, lonely elders, vagrants or the homeless. A few examples of people Kyoko Scholiers invited to her self-built phone box. “I went in search of people who have languished on the margins or who consciously choose to do things differently. In the phone box, they were called by me for a conversation. The telephone wire is the symbol of the social connection that the callers cut, voluntarily or otherwise.”

“The cell also has a symbolic value: within that small space, there are no distractions as we experience daily from our smartphones, among others. (…)

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Rebecca Van Remoortere