Naomi Kerkhove draws with needle and thread

Anyone who thinks of grannies when they think of embroidery has not yet seen the work of Naomi Kerkhove. Behind her sewing machine, the Ghent-based artist creates wondrous, alienating miniature worlds in textiles.

There are holes in her jumper. It is the first thing we notice when we see Naomi Kerkhove in her studio in Ghent, among her sewing machines. However, the young thirty-something has made stitching and embroidery her life’s work. ‘I do enjoy mending other people’s clothes more than my own,’ she says with a laugh when we point this out to her. ‘Sometimes, after a performance, people even ask me to make wedding clothes or interior items for them. I am happy that my work touches them, but I am careful about that.’ (…)

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Cathérine De Cock