In HALL33 you enter a labyrinth of different rooms together with an unknown person. Every new space you encounter has its own quality, a unique shape, color, texture and sound. In every new space you are separated from the unknown other to a greater or lesser extent. Each space determines your mutual relationship and interaction in its own way.

In HALL33 the journey of discovery of the unknown other coincides with the discovery of the installation itself. Do you look for recognition and support or do you approach the subsequent challenging situations with humor, aggression or escape behavior? Every look, facial expression, movement and action will play a significant role in how you deal with unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. The unknown other functions as a mirror, ally and opponent.

By playing with the proportions of the space and the relationship between the two participants, you are slowly taken away from your everyday worries and introduced into the rules of a ritual in which spontaneous behavior becomes acting, in which looking invites you to be looked at and where we pass each other by. walking there can lead to a special encounter.