Wannes Deneer


Wannes Deneer is a sound artist and scenographer. He currently works in Antwerp, Belgium. His work is on the border between performance, visual art and sound art. He creates theatrical objects that combine kinetics and sound. He tries to materialize or visualize sound.

A recurring theme in his work is the simultaneous use of new and old techniques, supported by found objects. All these different objects and techniques work together to create new sound assemblages or sound collages. Each object is used in a characteristic way and adds sound quality to the assembly. By showing which object or technique generates which effect, the assemblages evoke wonder and curiosity. Through the use of found objects that are all too quickly thrown away and replaced with new ones, Wannes’ work shows how our world, overloaded with an abundance of stuff, can be transformed into something else. It creates a picture of how all those new and old things that surround us can work together to create new imaginations.

Since 2005 he has created set and sound designs for many theater companies.

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Wannes Deneer

In residentie RrrrrRrrRrrrrrrrr

A jackhammer,
A stroller over the cobblestones,
Knitting knitting needles,
A voice that speaks,
Two porcelain saucers on top of each other.

Everything is constantly moving.

A chair.
A sweather.
A daughter.
The waves.
Everything comes from vibration.

In Rrrrrrr, theater maker Yinka Kuitenbrouwer and sound artist Wannes Deneer draw a parallel between the evolution of life and the human urge to create. Associatively and musically they connect craft, labor, creation and birth.

Yinka Kuitenbrouwer writes and performs a new text about the sense and nonsense of the urge to create and our relationship to the objects that surround us. At the same time, Wannes Deneer creates a stack of different objects: from knitting needles to cisterns, from jerry cans to coffee cups. By making these objects vibrate in a pulsating manner on sound waves, a groove is gradually created.

With vibration, word and image, Wannes and Yinka place man between things, as a vibrating body between other vibrating bodies.

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