Wannes Deneer


A jackhammer,
A stroller over the cobblestones,
Knitting knitting needles,
A voice that speaks,
Two porcelain saucers on top of each other.

Everything is constantly moving.

A chair.
A sweather.
A daughter.
The waves.
Everything comes from vibration.

In Rrrrrrr, theater maker Yinka Kuitenbrouwer and sound artist Wannes Deneer draw a parallel between the evolution of life and the human urge to create. Associatively and musically they connect craft, labor, creation and birth.

Yinka Kuitenbrouwer writes and performs a new text about the sense and nonsense of the urge to create and our relationship to the objects that surround us. At the same time, Wannes Deneer creates a stack of different objects: from knitting needles to cisterns, from jerry cans to coffee cups. By making these objects vibrate in a pulsating manner on sound waves, a groove is gradually created.

With vibration, word and image, Wannes and Yinka place man between things, as a vibrating body between other vibrating bodies.