STILL HERE – An alliance of care for the Zenne river

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia


How does a river flow and weave alliances between humans and other-than-humans? Do we need other ways of rendering care and enacting justice for the SZenne River? How do we co-create a living bill as a legitimate gesture of care with SZenne river and its allies?

STILL HERE – An alliance of care for the SZenne river is a new study case of Natural Contract Lab (NCL). A long-term artistic commitment between 2023-26 will enable the growing of a systemic relationship with the river’s ecosystem and local communities to weave an alliance of SZenne guardians with the ambition to co- create a Living Bill for the SZenne as an attempt for its legal recognition in the Belgian constitution. The project takes place across Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders – from the source of the SZenne in Soignies to its bifurcation at the Zennegat in Mechelen.

During these years, NCL will be mapping the water and  getting to know SZenne as an entity through encounters and exchanges with people and species that are part of   SZenne ecosystem. NCL activates their practice through public moments in the format of Walking-with, River Agora’s and SZenne Guardian’s Schools. The last year consists of a gesture of care, a ceremony to support the reopening of a part of the SZenne in Brussels in Yzer.