Klankenbosresidencies 2024

Klankenbos residenties


With Klankenbos Residencies we like to encourage artists to develop artisticly in sound art and new music. That is why we support several sound artists or art students every year. We offer you concrete tools in your artistic practice through substantive coaching and technical support. We focus on the development of new and adventurous ideas in sound and music, in relation to other art forms, ecology, public space and new technologies. You will also have the opportunity to enter into dialogue with international artists or to present the results of your work to the public during a presentation.

Tom De Cock – Autophagy III

Immersive micro-percussive feedback installation

Tom De Cock’s micro-percussion setup disappears here, as it were, into a landscape of round percussion instruments. These frame drums and cymbals are controlled by small transducers that transform the instruments into speakers, the sound of which in turn controls a feedback loop through a microphone. This installation forms a spectral-harmonic sound carpet that responds to every small change that takes place in the space in which it is located. The instruments automatically adapt to each other, until the moment when a single small intervention can shake up all the harmonies…

At the heart of this feedback installation is Autophagy III, a work co-created by Andrea Mancianti and Tom De Cock, commissioned by Center Henri Pousseur Liège, as a result of a research project funded by FRArt, and further followed up in research by Tom at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. The work combines the same feedback loops from the installation with polyrhythmic clouds, percussive outbursts and electronically transformed percussion clusters. Autophagy III is a contemporary reflection on the compositional technique of Iannis Xenakis in the most important works for percussion from the 20th century.