Beyond the Black Box – Amsterdam 2024


Do you like the live experience but do you want to experience more than in ‘the black box’ of the theater and ‘the white cube’ of the museum? Then Festival Beyond the Black Box; Exploring Live Arts your favorite. For four days, Flemish Cultural Center De Brakke Grond bustles, bubbles and swirls with art that stretches our perception. From dancing walls, collective reading sessions and massage performances, to an ambient deep listening ritual and a trip in a vacuum suit: the works appeal to all the senses, cannot be pinned down to one genre or discipline and are always created on the spot. The entire building, including the broom cupboard, is used for this voyage of discovery. When you observe not only with your eyes but with your entire body, a performer, object or space – just like the world – turns out to have unsuspected sides and dimensions. Best tip? Immerse yourself in the (sensitive) freedom that curious artists from Flanders and the Netherlands have taken and enjoy. Discover the block schedule of Beyond the Black Box Amsterdam here!