Ruud Horrichs


Ruud Horrichs graduated from the Tilburg Academy of Theater in 2010 with a location performance in the Scheld’Apen Antwerp, The Bald Singer. For this purpose he founded the company De Lonely. Since then he has been active as a theater maker and teacher, including at the Kunsthumaniora Hasselt and at the theater collective De Eenzaamen.

In 2013, Horrichs wrote a dossier for a stream of development grants for a theatrical investigation into the universe of the psychopath in society. This project was supported by Theatermakershuis De Queeste and C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk. This followed in 2015 with Horrible Homeless Man, a performance about a recurring dream of Horrichs in which a man searches for the right door in a large house.

From the summer of 2016, Horrichs worked together with industrial designer Jan Leyssens on a lecture performance about the feasibility of the future, The end of the world as we know it. This toured festivals and stages in Flanders and the Netherlands in 2017 and 2018.

Since the end of 2017, Horrichs has been preparing for a new performance, Gebreit Brain, inspired by brain diseases. This performance will premiere in mid-September 2019. In 2018/19 he will integrate his artistic research phase for this performance into the master Scenographer and Director at the Maastricht Theater Academy, which he will start in September 2018.

Ruud Horrichs is supported by C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk and Via Zuid, platform for talent development.

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Photo: Roger Dohmen