Pankaj Tiwari


Pankaj Tiwari (1990), is an artist-curator from Balrampur India, based in Amsterdam. Between 2020-23, he worked as a co-curator/programmer with Gessnerallee Zurich, Switzerland. He was also invited to curate a festival around ‘Object, Memory and Migration’ for the IAS, University of Minnesota (2021-23). He is the recipient of the 3-Package Deal(2021), from Amsterdam Fonds for the Arts. Between 2011-2018, he worked as creative director for ‘The Fotons’, a performance-based group from India.

His artistic approach is based on context and connections, focusing in particular on facilitating locations for knowledge exchange and on curating artistic interventions in public spaces. In January 2020, Pankaj initiated Current: a Space, Amsterdam, which curates performances and worked to build a culture of intersectionality.

His recent works include Jerome Bel (2023), Paperplanes (2023), The Listeners (2022), Opera to the People (2022), The Art of Walking (2020). Pankaj holds a Master’s in Theatre from DAS Theatre Amsterdam (2021).


TENT: A School of Performative Practices, is a space of possibility and imagination, which invites (almost) all inside. It is a temporary, mobile space of mutual learning and collective imagination. TENT uses interactive formats such as talks, residencies, dinners, and temporal togetherness at one institution for specific durations to engage with its politics and practice. It is a space for imagining, thinking, listening, and also responding to social injustices.

TENT as an idea is both, a physical object and a school. It works as a yearly programmed institution. The walls of the TENT are a publishing house, they are used for politics and manifestos. Since June 2021, TENT has been working and learning by cooperating with other institutions, festivals, and schools.

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