With the multidisciplinary young collective NOON we created a series of performative installations that arise from questions about other ways of being together in the spaces we share. The collective is interested in events of entanglement between human and non-human actors, in a mixing of bodies, and in creating or rather discovering a kind of symbiosis.

The collective is a living body, shaped by the many collaborations over the years. Today NOON consists of Janka De Waele, Joram De Cocker, Judith Dhondt, Iris Donders & Delphine Mertens.

In residentie And now the beginning is somewhere else

And now the beginning is somewhere else is a new work that is being developed as a performative installation that functions as an ecosystem. Materials, bodies, thoughts, poetics, visitors, sounds, collective events, moments to rest, to dance but also places to hide will coexist – creating a playground where each visitor can find their own pace and gently explore this universe can discover.

Our desire is to create an installation that nourishes different types of encounters and emphasizes the porosity of our beings with playfulness and softness, where a different kind of physical consciousness can arise.

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