Niko Hendrickx


Niko Hendrickx studied at St. Lucas Ghent, where he obtained a Masters in Sculpture.

He is a multidisciplinary visual artist. In order to express all his ideas, he continuously deepens and develops, often as an autodidact. He always challenges himself to further investigate, develop or supplement a created work of art. If the change starts from the formal, it looks for a connection in terms of content and vice versa.

Niko strives to make work that is, in all senses of the word, ‘contemporary’. Multiplicity, dynamism, continuous change and movement are contemporary core concepts for him, and he tries to incorporate them throughout his art practice. ‘Transformation’ is the overarching concept.

Niko previously exhibited at WARP Sint-Niklaas, Z33 Hasselt, Jakob Smitsmuseum Mol, Art Borgloon and many other cultural institutions. In 2012 Niko created the exhibition ‘The Modern Cavemen’ at TAKT.

He is currently working on a group exhibition together with Merel Van de Casteele, John K Cobra and Geerke Sticker. The project is supported by WARP Sint-Niklaas, MAKE Eindhoven and De Fabriek Eindhoven.

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