Maria Lucia Cruz Correia


Correia’s cross-sectoral and hybrid practice speaks to her deep engagement with the ecological crises as a guardian of nature. Since 2009, her work reacts to the climate emergency and environmental conflicts of our times by bringing audiences and communities into participatory laboratories. These temporary collaborative processes are like a living organism that grows in kinship with ecologists, rivers, activists, resilient plants, environmental lawyers, restorative justice practitioners,… Correia’s visual installations, action performances and participatory laboratories express a sense of geo-politics, environmental advocacy and kinship with the more-than-human-world. Her artistic practice weaves rituals of care, embodied performance, walking-with practice and social design to fabulate environmental social services, such as “Urban Action Clinic”, “Common Dreams School”, “voiceofnatureKINSTITUTE” and “Natural Contract lab”. These proposals are attempts to engage communities with tools from rights of nature, restorative justice, environmental grief, regenerative activism, climate survival and reciprocal care for critical landscapes.

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Maria Lucia Cruz Correira

Foto: Marco Berardi