Katrien Oosterlinck


Katrien Oosterlinck studied Dance Theater in Tilburg and Open Atelier (Sint-Lucas) in Antwerp. Awareness and sensation are an essential part of her own and shared artistic process. In the form of performative workshops, spectators and participants are focused on physical experience and plastic organization. Katrien Oosterlinck designs game instructions with a specific scenography for encounters between people. The zone is non-verbal, body language is central. Her practice is not only about social interaction, but also about creating images through that interaction. Art is used as a tool for contact with one’s own body, with others and with environmental factors. For Katrien, this is something that concerns everyone and that everyone experiences very differently. A feeling of commonality arises, a (current) social necessity.

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Katrien Oosterlinck

Photo: Lotte Alissa

In residentie Imagine Moving Rocks

Can you speak without words? Or touch someone with your shadow? In the life-size party game Imagine Moving Rocks, choreographer Katrien Oosterlinck takes you on a surprising journey of discovery. She explores the social space in an accessible way together with a handful of adults and children from your family or circle of friends. Where do you want to stand? Which color do you choose? Which stone suits you? A series of short and playful assignments transform everyday relationships into a choreography of images. Expect a special, wordless encounter and a different view of your relationship with your environment. Put together a group with people you know (from far or near): family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances. Both adults and children are welcome.

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